Better Management for Maldivian Schools

Edzet is a school management solution designed to tackle all administrative challenges specific to Maldivian schools. Explore Edzet, share your feedback, and collaborate with us to address your school's unique needs

For you

At Edzet, we thrive on developing solutions based on real challenges faced by schools. We're beginning with Maavashu School and their specific needs. We invite you to join us and share the challenges your school encounters. Similar to LessonFuse, Edzet will continuously evolve with regular updates driven by your feedback.

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User Management

Edzet starts from a school administrator uploading an excel sheet containing the emails of all relevant users in the school. Each user will have a supervisor and their roles defined.

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Positions, Leaves, and Overtime

Each user is assigned a "Position" within Edzet. Each position includes the salary, their overtime rates, number of leaves, and other relevant information. Leave requests and overtime requests can be made through Edzet and all the sheets that need to be submitted as paperwork will be generated by Edzet.

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Edzet allows users to mark their attendance. The system will automatically calculate the salary based on the attendance and the user's position. Edzet fully automates creating the salary sheets.

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Schools constantly struggle with communication. Edzet through edzet managed and fully automated telegram channels and groups will handle all official communications. In Urgent cases, schools can still use direct SMS notifications.

How to I get started?

To get started please contact us. Send us a message on telegram to @lessonfuseadmin